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Farming Sector

Farming makes a huge contribution to our rural economy and to our way of life.

We should be extremely proud of the outstanding quality of food produced by the industry for the UK and beyond.

Despite having to weather many storms in recent years, the farming sector has a unique ability to bounce back after setbacks such as Foot and Mouth and extreme weather conditions. However, TB remains a serious problem - especially in West Wales.

The industry is constantly faced with new challenges having to adapt to continuing changes in legislation, and ever increasing paperwork and form filling...

Every farm needs a “Daisy” - someone who has the professional, specialist understanding of farming accounting requirements. It is essential that every farmer has a view of the economic state of their business as it is the basis for decisions on the future management of your farm.

At Clay Shaw Butler, we are fortunate to have a dedicated team of experts:

  • with over 30 years experience
  • of a farming background - bred from good farming stock/Welsh Pedigree breeding!!!!
  • with competent personal qualities and above all - reliability and trustworthiness
  • who are bilingual - yn hapus i siarad Cymraeg!
  • who work alongside external consultants
  • who are flexible, approachable and conscientious

We are proud to have an extensive farming clientele of family run agricultural businesses in the dairy, beef, sheep and arable sectors as well as other related businesses such as cattle dealers and haulage, abattoirs, agricultural contractors, feed suppliers, and farm diversifications - farm educational centers, equestrian activities, bed and breakfast, etc

We can help you reduce the burden of the increasing paperwork and self assessment issues:

  • Business start-up
  • VAT preparation
  • Payroll and employment issues
  • Book-keeping and management services
  • Accounts Preparation/tax returns
  • HMRC online services
  • Tax advice and planning
  • Exit and succession planning
  • Student grant forms

Client testimonials:

“Simon and Sian Davies and their two sons Isaac and Elliott farm at Brynhyfryd, Hebron, Whitland to the west of Carmarthenshire. The dairy farm produces 1.7 million litres of milk from the prize winning Castellhyfryd herd of pedigree Holstein cows. Over recent years the business has had to manage major changes covering issues such as succession planning, business management and business growth in terms of cow numbers and land purchase issues together with major investment in new cubicle housing for the cows and new milking facilities. More recently the business has sought advice and guidance to develop off farm income opportunities with the purchase and development of a holiday rental property. The needs of the business have been many and varied. They advice, guidance and creative approach given to us by Clay Shaw Butler has provided us with the information and confidence necessary to undertake such large scale investments”

Simon and Sian Davies, Castellhyfryd herd of Pedigree Holstein cows

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